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Rosicrucianism is an esoteric organization whose symbol is the rosy cross. The term ''Rosicrucianism'' also means ''rose cross.'' Esoteric orders are secret societies founded on occult philosophies that proclaim to have hidden knowledge. As an esoteric order, followers of Rosicrucianism believe they are the curators of an ancient, esoteric knowledge. Together, the rose and cross represent the experiences and challenges of a thoughtful life well lived. 

As a group, they held the understanding that we are each the equal parts of a far greater whole that forms when we unify or ‘come together’. This means that we are all part of one brotherhood, one humanity, and that every movement made is done so in and with respect to the whole of humanity: the way we walk, talk, eat, speak and treat each other affects the whole we belong to. All are held equally as we are all part of a divine universal order that we can either move in tune with or out of sync to.

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