Peekaboo! I Love You!
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Your GodByAnyNameYouWantToCallIt Loves You More Than You Can Possibly Conceive!

Hark ye and listen to the tales of a peace-keeper from the natives and their chiefs over thousands of years; a pale bearded godly prophet who taught peace, healed their people, stopped wars and sacrificing, and said he came from the land to the east where he was tortured on a cross made of wood for his teachings of love. The natives pronounced his name CheeZoos because they had not J's and could not pronounce Jesus. They also called him Waikano, which means lord of wind and water.

They say he walked on water and performed many miracles as he walked south, central, and north america speaking with all the tribes. He said he would return in 5 cycles of the dawn star and that we would know him as the "Son of the Morning Star."

Then read about how Quetzalcoatl/Cheezoos is Jupiter, the Arch-Angel Zadkiel, archangel of Mercy. Jupiter/Zeus/Thor who is the King of Justice next to Saturn/Satan.
Then read the rest of the native prophecies that intersect with this information, especially the kachina prophecy. I believe the blue star kachina and the eagle both refer to Quetzalcoatl.
• Hopi Blue Kachina Prophecy:
• Hopi Rainbow Warriors Prophecy:
• Incan Prophecy of the Eagle & Condor:
• Anishinaabe Eighth Fire Prophecy:
Because this is the end of the Fourth world and the beginning of the Fifth world, so learn the rune songs and REMEMBER YOUR CREATOR!
Fifth World of the Hopi Songs of the Runes - In OUR Grandmother's Words:

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Knowledge is power. Find your truth

The Path I Have Trod

These are the things I did to light the 7 flames of Great Spirit to the 7 Churches of Asia within, ie the chakras, to raise my consciousness. You too can do the same!

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