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Do not waste time, be aware, seek only the good in your life, think only about the good, choose to practise faith as the Path of Development. Practice is a guide to achieving unity with the Higher and gaining personal experience, do not change it but practice with full confidence and dedication.

Most people think that a yogi is a person who has greatly advanced the abilities of his body: he can lie on nails, walk through fire or sit in the lotus position... Yet the main thing in yoga is the spiritual aspect. The Principle of Unity!

Therefore, people’s misconceptions of Yoga must be corrected first. Yoga is the direct Path to the Higher. I declare this with full awareness and understanding of my responsibility. Yoga is a reunion with the Higher! It is the most direct and shortest way to self-realisation. Yoga is not a religion. It is a science which reveals the Highest Knowledge, from which various systems and branches have emerged.

Yoga is present in all aspects of being. It allows you to know yourself as a microcosmos, using the cosmic tool that is your body. By applying the scientific psychophysiological method, we can awaken the body's internal reserves (knowledge from Above, which we are born with) and know ourselves as a manifestation of the Universe designed by the Supreme Creator. Yoga uses three main levels of perception — mental, psychoemotional and physical. Alll this helps to discover the Spiritual World. A yogi is one who perceives the presence of the Omnipresent.

Creator in every moment of his being, in every breath! The one who is the expression of Divine Power, Wisdom and Peace. The one who has dissolved and ultimately discovered Unity, completely erasing their ego. This can be achieved through the Holy Science of Kriya —concentration — suggestion — perception. Yoga is an experience that helps a person to feel this unity with the Higher Self, inside us, and it is an absolutely scientific method. A method that allows you to reconnect with the One who is All-in-All...

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~ Master Imram


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